Worship every Sunday morning at Jerome Church at either 9 or 10:30 am.
9:00 am is a traditional worship service, held in the sanctuary.
10:30 am is a contemporary worship service, held in the gym, with Jerome Kids Live for kids age 0-5th grade.
Coffee and light refreshments are available in the lobby.

Current Worship Series

Worship on Sunday mornings Sunday morning at 9 am or 10:30 am to hear a message from one of our Pastors.


We are designed by God to live each day AWAKE. Yet, like a sleepy child/teen we spend too much time asleep. It is time to AWAKEN! Jesus is shaking us to wake us up:
  • Jesus came to establish a Relationship, not a Religion.
  • Jesus started a Movement, not a Machine.
  • Jesus way was Organic, not Organizational.
Join us as we discover How to Live Spiritually AWAKE; exploring the values and strategies of the Methodist Movement which brought Jesus to the ever-expanding frontier. AWAKEN then becomes your reality today.
FEBRUARY 10  |  The Heart of Revival
FEBRUARY 17 |  The Methods of Revival
FEBRUARY 24 |  The Grace of Revival, Part I
MARCH 3 |  The Grace of Revival, Part II