Worship every Sunday morning at Jerome Church at either 9 or 10:30 am.
9:00 am is a traditional worship service, held in the sanctuary.
10:30 am is a contemporary worship service, held in the gym, with Jerome Kids Live for kids age 0-5th grade.
Coffee and light refreshments are available in the lobby.

Current Worship Series

Worship on Sunday mornings Sunday morning at 9 am or 10:30 am to hear a message from one of our Pastors.
FINDING PEACE: Calm in the Chaos
The holidays are anything but peaceful. This time of year is nuts trying to buy every gift, attend every event and gathering and visit family. (And do it all in perfect holiday attire.) Sometimes we just want to escape…to be somewhere peaceful, to escape the noise and busy-ness… just have a minute to breathe, to stop, to really feel that kind of peace settle deeply into us. Join us on December 30, for the final message in this series, Passing the Peace.


Words have power. Even the simplest words can change the trajectory of your life. Words like Help can set an addict toward recovery. YES can open doors to new dreams. Sorry and Thanks can heal families. When you use these small words, God can do big things in your life. One word can change your life. Often the simplest.
JANUARY 6  |  Sorry
JANUARY 13  |  Help
JANUARY 20  |  Enough
JANUARY 27  |  Wow