Our continued response to Coronavirus/COVID-19

Updated Friday, August 28
Dear Jerome Church Congregation,
We have an ever-present responsibility to be careful and loving shepherds to this flock called Jerome Church. We remain reassured that the decision to “stay at home” for Sunday worship has saved lives, and is an expression of our commitment to love people. Last week, we held our first outdoor worship service in the parking lot on Wednesday evening. It was great to worship in the same physical location again! We will hold three more outdoor services (weather-permitting) on Wednesdays September 2nd, 16th, and 30th at 6:30 pm. We hope you will bring a lawn chair and come out and worship with your church family! We will have food trucks on-site these evenings as well.
We continue to receive many questions about when we will all return together to worship in the church building on Sunday mornings, and know that many of you, like us, are anxious to be together again in person for Sunday worship. Our goal remains to return as soon as possible, and when we do return to the building for worship, we want to have a safe and significant worship experience which will include a continued online expression of worship. As long as numbers continue downward and we remain in (or decrease in) the current state-assigned level for our county/surrounding counties, our current plan is to return to a limited form of in-person worship on Sunday, October 4. More information and details about this re-gathering will be available soon.
So at this time, while we finalize our plans to re-gather in the building (tentatively on October 4) and hold outdoor worship services in September, we will continue to hold Sunday worship online only through at least Sunday, September 27.
As we continue to be reminded in new ways during this pandemic-crisis, the church is the people, and the business of the church isn’t done within the building, it is done within the world. It is important to keep our focus on the mission at hand to love God and love people, and to share the Good News with all that we meet. We continue to be in awe of the work of the people of Jerome Church, continuing the work of loving God and loving people through COVID-19. You have found new and creative ways to connect, to serve, and to grow. We are blessed to live in a time where technology allows us to do this beyond our wildest dreams.
In closing, we want to say thank you to all of the people of Jerome Church! You are continuing to engage in and support the missions and ministries of Jerome Church. Do not grow weary! Although it is not how we might have planned it, this crisis has given us a unique opportunity to reach new people in new and fantastic ways. Church, be excited for the potential of spreading the Gospel in new ways to new people in a church that is growing and evolving to love God and love people into the future.
Committed to proclaim the Good News of Jesus,
Pastor Bruce and the Staff