Financial Peace University

New ONLINE classes beginning this April!
If all of the changes brought on by this pandemic have left you feeling uneasy about your finances, you are not alone! Jerome Church is offering two virtual/online Financial Peace University classes to help you take charge of your personal finances in these uncertain times.
Fast Track Option: April 20 – May 18, Weekly Class Option: April 23 – June 18


Seeing 20/20 in 2020

As God wakes us up, we see life more clearly. Waking up each day and preparing for the day is a routine that helps us in life. Our bodies, our minds, our emotions all need time to reboot. So too, our Spirit longs to hear from God. One of the ways we do this is through reading the Bible. When we open our hearts and minds and calendars to allow room for God’s written scriptures to seep into our lives, we begin to be transformed into people who see more clearly, live more deeply, and love more wholly.

Introducing the 2020 Reading Plan
Pastor Donna and Pastor David invite you to take on a new habit in 2020; a habit that is guaranteed to impact your life; a habit that you will need to get in spiritual shape for the journey ahead. Our pastors invite you to set out to read the Bible every day in 2020. To do this, we are preparing resources to help you do this. Your part is to get ready.

Getting ready for 2020 clarity
Here are some things we suggest:

  • Find someone else, a “Bible Buddy,” whom you give permission to ask you about your reading progress whom you know will ask.Select a Bible you want to use, either digital (YouVersion by Life Church is one of the best) or dust one off from the shelf. If you need a Bible or would like a recommendation, we have that too.
  • Be comfortable with the Bible you select. The Bible app works well for listening in the car to the audio version. A hard copy in your lap works well for undistracted time alone.
    Some people like to journal, we recommend this as a way to reflect and pray through the scriptures.
  • We will have 2020 Bookmarks and a link to the digital BiOY (Bible in One Year) plan for you to use as a guide.

Will we read the whole Bible?
If you read all of the selections in the plan, you will read through the whole Bible. This is a great accomplishment that you should celebrate; however, the greater win is developing a daily habit of preparation with God. The 2020 reading plan should be viewed as a tool to help you read the Bible, not as an obligation or an item to check off of a to-do list. If you miss a reading, just get back on track with the next one.

Do I need to do all of the reading?

In the reading plan we are suggesting, there are readings for every day. Select one part or all three… some might choose to use a reading for 3 times in your day as you do your meal times. The daily readings will include selections from:
  • Psalms or Proverbs
  • New Testament
  • Old Testament