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God does some of His best work in the shadows

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Honestly… most of us have at some point felt like a nobody – insignificant, invisible, and worthless. Most of us at some point have felt like a somebody – important, wanted, and valuable. The heartbeat of God is for the marginalized, left out, left behind, ignored, and forgotten.

In the Bible, The Gospel of Luke is a first century portrait of Jesus, spending his time and giving his life for (and giving life to) the broken, the hurting, the empty…for YOU.
I am going to invite us to read through the Gospel of Luke together. Each week we will encounter stories of the nobodies being lifted up to be seen as somebodies; and the somebodies being set free to re-shape our world. We need each other. ALL are created equal in the image of God. 
We are calling this series The Story of the Nobodies: writing a new narrative.

I want to give a shout out of thanks to The church of the Resurrection (U.M.) for the idea for this series. This Sunday I will take us to what may seem like familiar territory, but we will look around the corner and discover to see the people who are living in the shadows…and we will find ourselves here too.